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5 Reasons Why Nurses Continue to be in Demand

It is no secret: the United States is in dire need of more nurses. Although colleges are

doing their best to recruit new nurses, current figures indicate that we are still going to

see a national shortage over the next several years unless the number of nurses-in-

training grows dramatically. Although the demand for more nurses is on the upswing,

what many don’t understand is why. While there is a multitude of reasons, and tops

among them are:

1. Advancements in Medical Technology

Advancements in medical technology have helped to make people live longer lives and

have helped save many lives that otherwise would have been lost. In order to operate

this equipment, however, we need nurses and other medical professionals who know

how to use the technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. Therefore, we

need more nurses who are trained in medical technology and capable of using it to its

fullest potential.

2. Growing Population

Since advancements in medical technology have helped save lives and because the

population grows exponentially anyway, our growing population has resulted in a need

for more nurses as well. As our population grows, so does our need for more nurses to

care for our medical needs.

3. Longer Life Spans

Medical technology and medical advancements have also helped our population enjoy

a longer life span. This, of course, adds to the growing population problem while also

resulting in a need for nurses who can fulfill the needs of the elderly as well as those

with special health concerns.

4. Universal Healthcare Program

Changes in healthcare are on the horizon and currently, there are a significant number

of people who are not obtaining the healthcare they need because they simply cannot

afford it. With a greater focus on prevention rather than treatment after a condition has

been diagnosed, the need for qualified nurses to handle this influx of new patients will

be necessary.

5. We’re Already Short

Finally, we need more nurses for one simple reason: we already don’t have enough.

Quite simply, hospitals and doctor’s offices around the country are already struggling

with filling their vacant positions. Couple this with the fact that the demand for

healthcare will only increase over the next several years, it is easy to see why nurses will

continue to play a crucial role in inpatient care.

At Premier Nursing Network, we care about our clients and are here to make life easier

for you and the patients you serve. Our exceptional staff works tirelessly at improving the

quality of life for every patient we care for. For more information on our staffing

services, contact us today.

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